How to make rolled pan cakes

How to make rolled pan cakes


Place eggs and sugar in a bowl.

Also flour, cream and milk.

Mix them well and make sure there are no chunks.

I use empty bottle with a hole to fill it with the mixture. It is easy to control the amount which you pour to the pan.

Heat the butter in a mid sized pan, I prefer to use olive oil instead.

Pour small amount of the mixture to make a thin pan cake. Move and tend the pan to distribute it all around.

Turn the cake to the other side when it's done.

Roll the pan cake. Be careful not to burn your fingers, wait few seconds then start rolling.

In case you burned yourself, don't put the burned part of skin directly under water. Use flour! Always keep a bag of flour in your refrigerator. Cold flour can relieve the pain and prevent burn marks.

Cut it into half.

My children like to eat their pan cakes with caramel syrup, honey or jam is also good.

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