How to replace memory/ram on a motherboard

How to replace memory/ram on a motherboard

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This is where the Ram is Located on this computer

You will see two levers per Ram chip, lightly pressed down on them

After one is down...

Go to the opposite side and do the same

After it can be lifted out, theses are the Ram slots this motherboard has two

These are the Ram sticks I'm using, notice the notch around the middle of the stick where the gold contacts are, this means that it only goes one way

Also where the slot is

Align the memory stick with the notch and make sure the slot is open

Make sure their fit right do not force it in, compare it side by side with the old stick to make sure the pins are even

Press it down until it clips the lever should be up automatically. Do both sides at the se te with even pressure. ( I couldn't do both sides I was holding a camara

There we go.

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