How to make floral tissue box

How to make floral tissue box

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First, measure 5 squares which are 15cm x15cm

Here they are! 5 of the squares :)

Then, start gluing them all together to make a box.

Like so!;)

After that, we have to make a lid for the box. Put the box we just made on the cardboard, and mark the size for the lid.

Then you will get the measurement for the lid.

Resize the square( i added a little more space to it to make sure it must fits the box) Then,add 4cm to each side to form a rectangle, like this!;)

Cut the shape out, and slightly cut the 4 sides around the square, DO NOT cut through it, just cut very slightly.

Then, glue the sides together, and you get a lid finally, test if it fits the box.

Cut a little square in the middle of the lid to be the opening for the tissue to come out.

Then, time to make the flowers! ( Actually,i learned how to make this flower from another guide ^__^) Prepare wtever color tissue paper u like.

And cut a rectangle out with 4 sheets each.

Fold the rectangle like this.

Then cut it into three parts evenly.

Stample in the middle of the tissue paper

Then cut the edge round shape like this!

Then start pull the first sheet out.

And continue to pull until the end, repeat the process until all 4 sheets are done :D

Here it is! A pretty flower!!;) make as much as it can cover the lid of the box. And the glue them onto the lid!;)

Like so!;) (haha, I made this purple one ytd, and love it so much, so I want to share with you guys!!;) ) finally cover the box with one piece of tissue paper!

And you are done!! How lovely it is!!;) Thanks and hope you guys enjoy! :D Go visit my blog to find out more DIY ideas!;)

Don't forget to check out my blog for more ideas! see you!:)



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