How to make irresistible crispy chicken strips

How to make irresistible crispy chicken strips

What you will need, first you need to cut your chicken into strips

Next Tear your bread into strips and with the tortilla chips put them in your blender

Blend until it looks like this

Add the breadcrumb mix into a bowl with the Rice Krispies

In a seperate bowl whisk the egg

In another bowl mix the semolina, paprika and cayane pepper

First coat your chicken in the semolina mix

Next coat it with egg

And then into the breadcrumb mixture

Set it aside and continue with the rest

Next add them to a hot frying pan of olive oil making sure to keep turning so they don't burn

Pre heat the oven to 180 whilst they are frying

Once they are nice and golden transfer them into a greased oven dish and bake them for about 30-35 mins

And there you have it! Very crunchy and tasty chicken strips, season with salt and serve with your favourite dip, enjoy!

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