How to make healthy eggplant & potato salad

How to make healthy eggplant & potato salad

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Gather your supplies, you are not committed to certain quantity of the ingredients , you can choose whatever you like from each ingredient.

Cut the potatoes into small cubes

Put them in the oven tray and pour some olive oil over it .

Place the tray in the oven .

And broil till you get golden color potatoes.

And these are the potatoes with a lovely golden color.

Cut the eggplants in the same way as the potatoes.

Put them in salted water and cover them with salt too for 10 minutes.

Drain the eggplants out of the salty water and wash it to get rid of salt.

Put them in the oven tray and pour some olive oil over it, broil in the oven till you get lovely golden color eggplants.

These are the eggplants with lovely golden color .

Mash your garlic .

Cut the green onion, dill and the hot green chilli , just like this.

Put the yoghurt in a bowl and mix till you get smooth mixture.

Add the mashed garlic into the yoghurt.

Add the dill and hot green chilli .

Mix together.

Add your spices ( sumac, salt , paprika, dry mint ) and the sesame seeds.

Spices were added altogether with sesame seeds.

Mix all together .

Add the lemon juice.

Then add your golden potatoes.

Add your golden egglants and the chopped green onion.

Mix all together and voila. You have yummy potato and eggplant salad , you can serve it as aside dish with any main dish . BON APPETITE.

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