How to make quick and easy quesadillas

How to make quick and easy quesadillas

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Set griddle to 300 degrees.

I baked my chicken breast at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Turned over at 15 minutes. The chicken was my leftovers, I had refrigerated it overnight so it's cold.

Chop chicken.

Add the 1tbsp of mayo and 1/2 tbsp of mustard.

Now you can add salt and pepper for taste, I only used pepper.

Griddle should be hot enough. Add tortillas til one side is more browned than the other. Make sure they are cooked thoroughly. (The browned sides go inside because the outsides will get more cooked).

Now add your mixture of chicken on top of the more browned side of the tortilla.

This is optional, I love avocados so I added it on. Take half of an avocado and cut into slices. Like so.

I use the other half as a treat. Put sugar on it and it's delicious! I know a lot of people use salt, but I think it tastes better with sugar.

On the browned side of tortilla add the 1/4 C of cheese on top of the chicken, and add the avocado. Doesn't matter which order you put them on top.

Put the other more browned tortilla side on top facing the inside and put on griddle. Keep it at 300 degrees.

Flip it as much as you'd like and browned as much as you like.

I flip mine til the cheese melts, and outside is a little brown. Some people prefer their tortillas burned.

Now cut into quarters and put on plate! So delicious!!

Add anything you'd like; olives, onions etc. sour cream on top. You can also use salsa to put on top or dip in. I make my own salsa, that'll be my next guide =).

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