How to make effective to do lists

How to make effective to do lists

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I've found the fundamentales of this to-do List on internet but I fixed it to my personal use and i want to share it with you because of the great results it gave me.

This is a To-Do List for people who still likes to write with pen and paper, so that's all you need. A simple note pad is ok to bring everywhere you use this system. Remember it has to be a habit.

Here is a normal to-do List. Starting every task with a circle.

The key of the system is to indicate the current status of each task, adding simple symbols to the circles. This is an example.

And this is the cheat sheet of the symbols you may use and its meaning.

Symbol Code cont.

How it works: Add all the tasks you need in the note pad. For big projects it is easier to divide them on little and doable tasks day by day. Leave some space between the circle and the task.

Leaving this blank space will Let you add new statuses of that task in case you need it and it works for you. Here comes an example.

This is the advanced use of the system with more than one circle. It means for example a task was in pause but now is in 25% progress. When it is totally filled it means it is completed.

You can use the 3 circles format or just 1 and every time the status change you just write it again.

This is an example of How I use it every day. It takes 5 minutes to update it daily. But make sure you check your to-dos frecuently over your day. (Spanish is my native language)

It is easier than it looks, you just need to familiarize with the symbols and adopt it with the practice. And of course your disposition to follow this system.

Trust me, i'm the President of the Disorganized People Club and this worked for me. I hope it works for you too. Feel free to coment or ask anything. Enjoy! :)

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