How to make a gluten free breakfast

How to make a gluten free breakfast

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If you're gluten free like me, you know gluten free foods are pretty bland and hard to swallow. I made this little creation in an effort to make my g-free bagels a little more interesting.

Fry up some yummy, fattening bacon.

Fry 2 eggs (or as many as you want). Smother in butter and cheese. (More fat!)

Toast your bagel. I'm using Udi's gluten free.

Cream cheese that bagel up!

Start building your bagel! Eggs...

Salsa! I'm using Frog Ranch all natural salsa.


Now try to eat it without it getting all over your new shirt. Enjoy!

Watch the video: FLUFFY GLUTEN-FREE PANCAKES 3 healthy pancakes (June 2022).


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