How to cook mango-coconut pork curry

How to cook mango-coconut pork curry

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This is the place in the guide where I show you all the ingredients. Oh wait it gets better though.

Chop your garlic and ginger. Notice how I do the ginger, first slice it thin against the grain. Then stack little piles of slices and julienne them. Then stack little piles of that and dice it.

Cube your pork. Any cut will do for this. Just remove excess fat so that the curry doesn't become greasy.

Mix together the curry paste, half the garlic and ginger and the fish sauce and combine together with the pork.

Rough chop onion.

Peel the mango. I cut the tips off first and then peel between the cut ends.

Dice em up. Stay organized.

Sauté onions and remaining garlic/ ginger with a medium high temperature. Toss the cinnamon sticks in now as well.

Once the onions have sweat a bit, add the pork mixture and cook just long enough to cook some rawness out of the curry paste.

Add the tomatoes and bring up to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. Cook for about 5-10 minutes like this to thicken the tomato sauce.

Add the orange juice and bring back to simmer

Cover with a lid and cook for about 2 hours. This will give you time to clean your kitchen.

Meat should be tender and your neighbors should be going wild from the aroma of your kitchen.

Add your coconut cream and mango now. The mangos I used were perfectly ripe so I added them late in the cooking process so they would retain shape and texture. If not so ripe then add them earlier.

Simmer for another 15 minutes to incorporate the coconut cream and mango. Do a little dance, make a little love and get down tonight.

Cook up your favorite rice. I like Japanese sticky rice.

Best part of the process. Dish it out, topped with hot sauce and cilantro. Hope you made enough for left overs.

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