How to make jerk chicken

How to make jerk chicken

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Now, you could use a store bought paste, and nothing wrong with Walkerswood, but not what we're doing here.

The stars of the show

Green onions, onion and shallots with a quick chop.

Into the food processor.

Hate this drawer, can't find the damn peeler! Serenity now!

Due to my lack of deft knife skills, lost about half of the ginger. All good.

All ingredients in EXCEPT the peppers.

Give it a whirl for about 30 seconds to make room for the heat.

Here we go! Late August and my peppers are finally ripening. Got orange and red habs, a scotch bonnet, and even a sneaky little ghost naga. If some of these look pasty it's because they are frozen

Past step you can see gloves. Don't be a hero, use them. Anyway, off with their heads! I save this step for last as I like to put cutting board and knife straight to the sink.

Throw them all in.

About a minute of processing. The smell is incredible.

Chicken thighs on sale, boo-ya!

Dunno, about 4 tablespoons.

Rest of the paste. Note this is NOT preserved, it's just in a mason jar. Needs to be refrigerated.

So here's the thighs, normally I'd do this in a large freezer bag overnight, but making this for dinner, only have about 1/2 hour to marinade so really worked the paste in.

Gonna do these on my egg. Use whatever grill you have, not gonna be a charcoal nazi here, but will produce the best (everything) jerk chicken. Get the chimney starter.

Lay out your newspaper, load the charcoal and light 'er up!

20 min later not all the way through, but close enough.

Dump them coals in!

Got wood? Using mesquite here, this or hickory will do. A fruit wood won't be strong enough.

Grill heated up about 15 min, Indirect heat, skin up.

After 7-8 min, too hot over the wood chunk, so rearranging.

Almost done, time for skin side down to crisp up. Now's not the time to see who's getting tazed on the Cops marathon on Spike. Stay close.

Almost there. Skin has to get nice and crispy.


Somebody stop me!!!

Winner winner!

Watch the video: How to Make Homemade Jerk Chicken. Gordon Ramsay (June 2022).


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