How to decorate cupcakes as ladybugs and bumblebees

How to decorate cupcakes as ladybugs and bumblebees

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Start with plain white fondant icing.

Spread icing sugar onto a chopping board to stop the icing from sticking.

Split your icing into four separate pieces. Kneed the first piece of icing until smooth. Leave this piece white.

Get red, yellow, and black food colouring.

Add a few drops of red food dye to your second lot of icing and kneed it until the colour is consistent throughout it all.

Repeat step 5 with your third piece of icing, using yellow food dye.

Repeat step 5 again with your last piece of icing, this time using the black food dye.

Wash your board and spread more icing sugar across it.

Use a rolling pin to roll out the black icing. Then use a cup that has the same diameter as the top of your cakes to cut out 5 black circles.

Repeat step 9 with the red icing, cutting out 3 red circles.

Roll out the yellow icing and cut six strips that's length are the same as your cakes diameter.

Use three of the black circles you prepared earlier and cut one oval shape out of each.

Put the three red circles onto the top of three cupcakes, and two black circles onto your other two cupcakes.

Add three yellow strips to each of the cupcakes with the black tops.

Add one black oval to each red-topped cupcake along with a thin black line as shown in the photo.

Roll out 18 little balls of black icing. Add 6 balls to each lady bug and flatten them down.

Roll out 10 little white balls of icing and flatten two onto each cupcake to represent eyes. Stick two slithered almonds in each bumble bee cake to represent wings.

Add the eyes to the lady bugs. Dye 6 pairs of noodles with the black food dye. Stick the noodles into the ladybugs to represent antennas.

Use black and white icing writing tubes to add pupils and a mouth to the lady bugs.

Repeat step 19 with the bumble bee cakes.

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