How to thread a sewing machine

How to thread a sewing machine

Take off spool holder top

Slip thread onto holder and replace top. Pull about 3" of thread out to begin threading.

Pull thread under upper tension guide and then bring towards the front of the machine.

Slide the thread down into the grove to the right of the upper thread guide and then swing it up the left side of the column.

Feed the thread into the thread take up lever and back down into the same channel you just brought it up. Make sure you are feeding it in from right to left.

Locate the clip directly above the needle and slide the thread in.

Locate the clip on the top of the needle which will guide your thread down to the needle.

Thread your needle from front to back pulling around 4" of thread behind.

Take off bobbin cover.

If directions are printed, follow the diagram.

If not drop the bobbin in as it should look like a number 9 , feeding it down to the bottom and into the slot which will bring it towards the upper left of the dropping area.

Connect the foot pedal if not already done.

Turn on the machine.

Tension should be at 4 normally.

Watch the video: How To Thread a Kenmore Sewing Machine and Fill a Bobbin (January 2022).