How to cook layered potato w/ eggs and chorizo

How to cook layered potato w/ eggs and chorizo

Peel the potatoes and boil them in salty water. I used about 1,5kg, but it depends on how many people you feed.

Slice the chorizo to 1cm thick slices. I used Hungarian homemade salami from my uncle but any sort of hard salami/chorizo will do.

Remove the skin and cut them in half.

Put 5-6 eggs to boil (mine cracked as I put them in boiling water of course :D). Make sure you salt the water as it's gonna be easier to remove the shell when they're done.

When the potatoes are done (cooked but not soft) slice them to about 1cm thick slices (I ran them under cold water for a bit not to burn myself).

Run cold water over the eggs and remove the shells. It should be easy after the salty water ;)

Grab a tray and oil it a bit (or put lard, butter, whatever you fancy).

Place a layer of potatoes on the tray and salt them.

I only put on one side as my other half doesn't like eggs. I know, right? ;) (and the photo's upside down as well - don't ask)

Sprinkle with the sliced chorizo.

And repeat. 1 layer of potatoes (don't forget to salt them!), 1 layer of eggs (you can put more than me depending on your taste) and 1 layer of chorizo.

Try to fill up all the gaps and make sure you spread all ingredients in a nice even way. (And the photo is still upside down...dunno what's wrong with my phone :))

The top layer should be potatoes again so make sure you have enough. You start with potatoes and you finish with them. I had 3 layers of each. I also sprinkled the top layer with pepper (and salt).

Mix 1 raw egg with sour cream (in my case with double cream as I was lazy and didn't go to the shop for sour cream) and pour it over the top.

Put a lid or foil on your tray and put in the oven. Set 180 degrees and check after half an hour if the potatoes are soft enough. Then remove the foil/lid and cook for another 15min.

Enjoy with some sweet pickled gherkins or pickled beetroot!

Watch the video: Spanish Chorizo u0026 Potato Stew. Omar Allibhoy (January 2022).