How to save $100s on shoes

How to save $100s on shoes

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Your dress shoes probably look just like this. Nice leather sole pot-marked by daily walking.

The first to wear is usually the heel. The outer corner will become more and more curved until it needs to be replaced. Heel replacement = $50

Unless you get a pair of taps. Unlike taps of old, they aren't all metal and slippery. These are rubber and last about 1 year. When they wear down, just replace the tap. Heel is unaffected. Tap = $2

The forward sole is usually the next to go, especially on the left foot as you step out of your car and pivot to walk. Buy the sole protector = $10

The sole protector also makes your leather bottom shoes less slippery and adds an extra bit of cushion to your step, making your shoes last longer and more comfortable.

Here is a shoe with both taps and sole protectors. $2 taps + $10 sole protector = $12 per shoes. So each pair will cost about $25 with tax. Lasts up to a year and all but eliminates sole wear.

Lastly, always buy cedar shoe trees. They 1) help shoes keep their shape 2) absorb excess moisture from leather and stitching that decay the shoe and 3) repel insects. Cedar Shoe Trees = $15

Your shoes are an investment. The longer they last, the less $$$ you'll waste.

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