How to make feta cheese rolls

How to make feta cheese rolls

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Tip on using the pastry sheets; 'feuilles de brick' . Open the pacquet a couple of hours ahead and wrap in a humid kitchen towel

Soak the feta cheese in cold water to remove excess salt. Change the water 2-3 times every 1/2 hr. This really depends on how much salty the feta you are using. Mince the tarragon.

With a fork reduce the cheese into crumbles

Add the cut tarragon

Back to the pastry sheets. Spray both sides of each sheet with olive oil. Or baste with a brush. Put them on top of each other.

Fold the sheets in half

Cut with scissors or knife

Then fold each half to make quarters. Now they are ready to use.

Cut the round sheets in 4 quarters. Spray with olive oil. Roll garnish with the cheese-tarragon roll and put on the oven tray

Make a cut of 1 cm in each for the vapour to escape otherwise the cheese will go out from the rolls. Bake in a preheated oven 180C for around 20 mins. Turn around the tray at half time.

Here I have few bursted rolls. I must have put Lots of cheese or I rolled it very tight.

Out of the oven, transfer the rolls on kitchen paper which will absorb the extra olive oil

Serve. Either in a cocktail or in the middle of the table.

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